Oucica Successfully Completed the Experimental Test of “Star Brigade II and III”


SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In September 2021, the Oucica photocatalyst air purifier got a certificate from the Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen). The certificate mentioned that the Oucica photocatalyst air purifier participated in the 21-day fasting and low-metabolism human health experiment on the “Star Brigade II” and the “Star Brigade III” enclosed environment sleep evaluation and conditioning verification experiment. During the experiment, Oucica photocatalyst air purifier performed well and played a good air purification effect on the experimental site, scientific research area, and office area.

The experiment was organized by the Biomedical Engineering and Sleep Research Center of Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen). The purpose is to explore and study the problems related to fasting and sleep in the human body. This experiment was supported by the Sleep Center of Longgang District, Shenzhen. Oucica photocatalyst air purifier participated in two experiments from July 16 to August 16.The photocatalyst air purifier successfully completed this test, providing air purifier testing and technical support for the follow-up space station exploration to ensure long-term in-orbit sleep, mental health, and diet of astronauts.

The space environment in the space station is an extremely complex comprehensive stressor that can cause a series of biomedical problems in the human body. The fasting, low metabolism and sleep problems are typical representatives. A good diet and sleep quality are essential to the survival and health of the space station astronauts and their work performance. If these two basic needs are not met, it is easy for the astronauts to cause a misoperation, damage their physical and mental health, cause decision-making errors, and possibly bring serious consequences. In recent years, the human body with fasting for 21 days in space and low metabolism and sleep problems have become a new frontier in space medicine research.

A total of 6 male volunteers were recruited for this experiment. After the preliminary equipment debugging and the confirmation of environmental parameters, they entered the airtight compartment and the experiment was officially launched. Volunteers lived in a specific aerospace environment simulated by a closed isolation method.

Volunteers exited the cabin after the experimental test, and they reported that they were in good physical condition. They completed fasting and low-metabolism in human body, sleep monitoring, conditioning, and psychological test data collection as planned. In-depth data mining would continue in the follow-up. The experiment was successful further expanding the understanding of the laws of fasting, sleep, and psychological changes of the human body in a simulated airtight environment. At the same time, Oucica photocatalyst air purifier under Huntkey Group also provided strong support for this experiment, helping the airtight compartment to kill viruses, sterilize, remove odors, and remove aldehydes, allowing volunteers to breathe pure and fresh air to ensure their normal and healthy work and life.

Oucica is a high-end photocatalyst air purifier brand under Huntkey Group. Relying on Huntkey’s strong production and R&D capabilities, Oucica has taken a completely different route from ordinary air purification products. Many of the air purification products on the market use filters for adsorption and purification, which causes the harmful substances deposited on the filters to volatilize and cause secondary environmental pollution.

Oucica uses the MaSSC photocatalyst UVA decomposition system. Ordinary photocatalyst technology can decompose harmful substances and avoid secondary pollution of the environment. Compared with ordinary photocatalysts, the MaSSC photocatalyst UVA decomposition system has a more efficient purification capacity and does not produce harmful substances such as ozone. In addition, the Oucica photocatalyst air purifier is additionally equipped with a multi-layer activated carbon filter, so it has multiple purification capabilities and is far cleaner than ordinary products. Especially in dealing with viruses and bacteria, it can efficiently remove a variety of bacteria and viruses, including H1N1 influenza A virus, H3N2 influenza virus, and enterovirus EV71, including a variety of common indoor bacteria and viruses, with a removal rate of up to 99.99%.

On January 28th, Huntkey Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Space Science and Technology Institute (Shenzhen) with its excellent product quality and industry-leading technical strength, becoming a manned spaceflight partner and jointly contributing to Chinese space industry. Bringing healthy and clean air, making everyone can breathe freely and at ease is the goal that Huntkey has been working hard on.

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