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I will now declare that going to Laiya is now a tradition, *laughs* but if you want to escape the urban jungle quickly without spending much of a dime; Laiya, Batangas is the perfect destination.

If you read my post about Virgin Beach Resort {here} and Balai sa San Juan {here}  you probably know that this is a company outing. We are just seven in the office and swimming is an extra to our bonding. Although we’ve been to Laiya Coco Grove and Blue Coral Resort, I forgot to write a review about them.

Palm Beach Resort


Palm Beach (La Frondosa) is a family resort in Bo. Hugom, San Juan, Batangas, running along the same coastline of the now popular LAIYA. The Resort is designed to be a private retreat for those who prefer the tranquility and peace of a place with a well-preserved natural setting as an alternative to other overdeveloped destinations. It is a combination of privately owned homes and resort facilities to serve the needs of its residents and guests. Visitors can enjoy beach activities amidst lush natural landscaping and charming tropical beach homes. These could range from a wonderful snorkeling experience only a few meters from the shoreline or exploring the corals aboard a kayak or a boat. Parents can enjoy watching their children while building sand castles and experiencing the rushing of the waves on their feet for the first time. Perhaps, others may simply choose to serenely lounge on a deck chair and be mesmerized by the view and the sound of the lapping waves. Here,

The only traffic is the multitude of fish navigating their way around corals and the only rush hour is the early morning rush to get to the water. The only noise and clatter are the lapping waves, rustling leaves and the occasional call of the local fishermen to partake of the catch of the day. Other than this, everything else that surrounds you seem to slow down the pace of time, quiet the senses, and bring to light the created wonders that can be found in this tropical seaside paradise. We invite you to come and experience a difference! Have a pleasant and enjoyable stay!


I believe that this is the last resort at the Laiya stretch because going there we entered the mountain (mind you the road is still unfinished) and went down. It is near La Luz and Alibhiga. We were picked up by an electric cart going to the reception area to check in.

Palm Beach_Batangas

When we got near the beach this was the view.

Palm Beach_Laiya

Once again, I fell in love. I always see myself going to Laiya once in a while.

Here’s the reception area,

Palm Beach_Front Desk

I like the idea of their reception because it is separated from the rest of the rooms.

Palm Beach_Welcome Drink

You may just grab an iced tea and water upon arrival, but there was no ice available.

Palm Beach_Signage

One of my favorite pieces that they have. The resort is divided into day tour visitors and overnight visitors. So the activities of the other guests (team building, games, etc.) will not disturb you.

Palm Beach_Dining Pavilion

The dining area for day guests are different from overnight guests as well.

Palm Beach_Dining

This the dining Pavilion. They serve breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner buffet style.

There were plenty of guests since we checked in Friday, but the area is spacious to accommodate everyone. They also have an extra area for spill overs.

Here comes the pool.

Palm Beach_Infinity Pool

This is pool number one which is open from 7 AM to 9 PM. The other pool for the day tour guests is open from 7 AM – 9PM, they look the same, they have a kiddie pool and Jacuzzi; both depths are 4 ft to 5ft.

Going to our accommodation, we availed the Casitas Blanca Standard. Actually, Palm Beach asked how many are we and they were the one who suggested the right room for us.

Palm Beach_Casita Blanca

I am awed with their rooms. It looks newly painted and it smells so clean. They provided a hanger rack outside so you can hang your wet clothes. There is a faucet nearby so you can wash your feet before stepping into the veranda.

Palm Beach_Room_Blanca Standard

They provided two towels per person – one bath towel, one beach towel. How thoughtful is that?

The bath and toilet are separated, meaning if you are sharing rooms with your family or friends you can use it simultaneously. The sink is found in between the two rooms.

As for the food,

Palm Beach_Food

I forgot to photograph the menu as well as the chafing dish per viands; the taste is acceptable, all fresh and tasty.

Palm Beach_Bon Fire

When the sun set, they opened a bonfire while we sip red wine in the cabana near our room.

Palm Beach_banana boat

Palm Beach_Snorkeling

Since this part is a marine sanctuary there were corals and they required us to wear aqua shoes. We were bored to swim so we availed snorkeling and banana boat.

The fish and the coral reef are spectacular. It’s my first time to try the banana boat and second time for snorkeling.

Palm Beach_Flower

I really enjoyed my stay here. I suggest three days, two nights are more ideal if you want to try all their activities.

Palm Beach_Gumamela

Final Verdict

Accommodation 5/5

Scenery 5/5

Food 4/5

Activities 5/5

Price 5/5

To know more about Palm Beach Resort you may visit their website {here}

I still want to swim.  Where to explore next?


Camera: Canon Powershot S90

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