Pampanga Food Crawl: Dainty Asian Cuisine

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Don’t get me wrong, one would always find Chinese cuisine wonderful. If you live in Pampanga or if you are just homesick to taste some asian dishes. You must go to Dainty Asian Cuisine.

It’s our third stop restaurant of the day. If only you knew how full we are but since this is part of our work (to eat, of course). We will not resist another food coma session.

Dainty 5
Dainty 2
Dainty 3
Chinese Style Fried Chicken
Dainty 1
Crispy Noodles
Dainty 4
Dainty 6
Shaved iced
Dainty 7
Brownies ala mode

I love the shaved ice given that it is super hot and we still have another stop before we end the night.

I also ate a lot of shrimp and chicken which carries the same Chinese flavors we are used to.

The prices are pretty reasonable too. It’s spacious can cater to large family and they also have small private area should you want to have a little exclusivity.

Again, our group would like to thank, Ms. Marie and Dainty Asian Cuisine for welcoming us to their restaurant.

Any restaurant in Pampanga, that I should visit when I visit?

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