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Having white rice as the main source of carbohydrates in the Philippines, well eating pasta became an occasional food.

Actually only one kind of pasta is popular here (at least for me). It’s Spaghetti in Red Sauce. Spaghetti was stereotyped to be the dish instead of being just ‘the kind’ of pasta used in a specific sauce.

I was not a pasta lover but it’d all changed. People around me is convincing me to explore different type of pasta from Fettuccini, Penne, Angel Hair, Lasagna, and a lot more. Not just the kind of pasta but also that different sauces.

Now I came to love Pesto, Bolognese, and Marinara. I even tried cooking it. Amazing right?

From my Filipino Style Spaghetti (mainly sweet) every Christmas and Birthdays, I have other options.

Enough with the long history of my pasta life. Open-mouthed smile

I food stall in Metro Manila innovated something regarding the love of Filipino for pasta. It is called Pasta Boy (Yes it’s the title of my post remove the ‘girl’). They offer unique pasta sauces suitable for local taste buds.

And it’s cheap.

Take a look.

Pasta Paborito

This is my usual order – Pinoy Paborito. It costs Php 36.00 (less than one dollar) IT’S A STEAL.

Simple red sauce spaghetti with lots of onion and garlic.


And this is BF’s usual order – Great White Pasta (he loves Carbonara). This one costs Php 39.00 (still less than one dollar) ANOTHER STEAL.

They cook it as you order. They have electric stove in their stall and the ingredients where pre-cooked and then frozen.

Once you order they will get everything in the fridge.


They have the following

Php 36.00

  1. Tuna Verde
  2. Street Favorite
  3. Pinoy Paborito
  4. Pollo Verde

Php 39.00

  1. Ispagetti ni Juan
  2. Curry Moh
  3. Whitee White
  4. Great White Pasta

Php 46.00

  1. Pirates Twist
  2. Seafood Lovers
  3. Hungree Pesto
  4. Pasta Boy Pasta

You have different pasta to try. For me this is a very unique offering in the food industry and I enjoy eating it.

Both pocket and tummy are satisfied.

If you want to try it they are located outside SM North EDSA near the BUS BAY.

Until my next food trip,



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