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PCOS Journey Update

If you are new to this blog, I started a blog series where I will document my PCOS journey towards pregnancy, read my first post here.  I changed doctors because I cannot catch the schedule of my previous OB-GYN. She asked me to have another transvaginal ultrasound and fasting blood sugar.

Transvaginal ultrasound

Ovaries with PCOS

Left Photo: March 2017; Right Photo: October 2017

The result shows that my ovaries are still polycystic but there was a decrease in its volume. It made me happy knowing that the six month OCP medication took effect. The OB-GYN told me to continue the OCP. I did not complain as I do not want to rush this journey. I am trusting my new doctor.

Another insight she gave me was the potential of having twins, I was happy to hear it because if I manage to have twins I do not have to worry about another child in the future. Of course, I know the risk of the tiresome and financial blowup, still having a baby any time today is truly a blessing.

Fasting Blood Sugar

My last FBS result showed a high alert on my blood sugar levels. The doctor prescribed Metformin and I took it along the OCP and Folic Acid.  Good news again, this month’s test showed a huge decrease in the blood sugar level. It was not in the normal range but it is lower almost normal.

I have submitted the test results to my doctor, hopefully, she will be happy with the results.

Other Tests

My OB-GYN also asked the hubby to have his sperm analyzed. She just wants to make sure that the problem we are dealing is just my hormonal imbalance. Looking at the test results it was all normal, we just need to see what my doctor has to say beyond the written result.

That sperm analysis test is the funniest and awkward test I have ever been. It is not me, but observing how it is done, wild images in my head kept on running.

FYI: Test was done at Hi-Precision Clinic for only PHP 600. 

If you are going to be required to have the same test, just remember to abstain at least for three days and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Lifestyle Change

My doctor emphasized that I need to lose more weight to stabilize my blood sugar and blood pressure. I finally gave up white rice at night and replaced it with either plantains or sweet potatoes. Lucky me, I was not hungry because these are complex carbohydrates.

I also enrolled to a gym in Snap Fitness Congressional (I’ll post a review about them soon). And so far I am attending the class almost every day. During my assessment, my strength is still there (Special thanks to Daily Yoga, Insanity, DIY WOD, and CrossFit).

I am looking forward to the upcoming days and to better lab results in January. How is yours so far? Send me a message on my Facebook Page – DISHYSAMMY and let us chat about it.

Praying for you!

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