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When I wanted to make a new year blog, I scrapped the idea simply because my January is not actually a new year. It’s my cramming month though this will be my fourth time to organize the biggest cable television event in the Philippines, the experience is always new.

I am now finalizing the details for the exhibition and party as the rest of the team fine tunes the conference line up.

Through this job I learned a lot about the industry which I will be sharing today.

It’s awkward to read something “informational” from someone who writes about food and beauty. LOL

Digital Terrestrial Television Migration on 2015
The reason why the association is convincing small/medium cable operators in the province is because of this migration. When the broadcast (free TV) migrates to digital it will give free to air networks to broadcast more content.

It’s like having more Studio 23 or GMA News TV in your free TV. People will no longer pay for the service and the business will be affected.

The more, the merrier
Being digital gives you the opportunity to offer more contents. The illegal connection problems will vanished and you can have more diverse packages for the subscribers.

You have Channel Ala Carte, movie packages, sport packages, low budget packages, and more.

Even value added services like video on demand, Cable internet, over the top, and TV everywhere is possible on a digital platform

The financial side
Most of the Cable Operators are afraid to go digital because the infrastructure is expensive. Yes it is BUT it is a lifetime achievement and in no time you will profit.

Being a business man means you are a risk taker.

Some would say that they only have few subscriber and there are another cable operator nearby. The do not want the Super headend idea because most of these are family business they do not want dealing with other people.

Greedily thinking, they can divide the cost of the programs and they can have programs that are not present to their system.

Of course I am just speaking as a lame audience stakeholders know better.

Direct to home versus Cable
This is so far the most unhealthy competition I’ve ever seen simply because the other party have funds to advertise and sensationalizing their services without knowing that when it rains the signal is disrupted. LOL

This technology should be improved and since players are getting pissed off already they are coming up with their own which made me very excited because I can have pay-tv at home.

(I work in a cable association and yet I don’t have cable, I suck)

These are some of the points that will be discussed in March so I am inviting everyone across the globe to see the Philippine’s biggest Cable Television event and meet me there. I will be running around the SMX Convention Center to address your needs and to make sure that the event will run smoothly.

For international suppliers and content providers out there you better join PCTA because if you want to meet all the cable operators in the Philippines you can meet them all here in the event.

Sounds hard sell isn’t it?

You may check photos on Facebook to see and believe.

Need to get back to work. Winking smile



For formal information Open-mouthed smile contact the PCTA Secretariat at (632) 638 8541 or send us an email cableconvention@pcta.org.ph


PCTA Member – PHP3,000

PCTA Non-Member – PHP5,500

Foreign Delegate – US$200


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