PHOTO DIARY: Taking a Break

Family, Life, & Marriage

 29 – 31 JANUARY 2018

My January was rough, even after the Holidays ended, the climate took its toll on me and my asthma keeps on coming back. If I am counting how many weeks, it has been already eight weeks. 

I even have a weird spotting pattern which I do not whether other PCOS complications or something serious. 

During the last week of January, we took a long drive to Laiya Batangas. Our good friend from Canada visited the Philippines and wanted us to take a break. 

We chose Blue Coral beach Resort, because I know the place. It was my second time going there. It also has the most affordable room rates we can afford. The food is awesome too. Since it is a weekday, there were few people, it feels like you own the entire place. 

The beach is still pristine. It is quiet and the locals were still friendly. Laiya is truly a paradise without the expensive airfare. 

It is nice to just eat, sleep, and not worry if you need to make the bed, cook your food, and look out for someone. Listening to nature and just enjoy every single minute of it with good laughs. 

The fresh air restarted my thoughts and slowly I came to my senses to re-prioritize my life. 

What is my priority now? Still, my health. I am also letting go of this pregnancy journey obsession, I will leave it as it is. If the right time will come it will. 

In life, it is okay to change your course to reach your goals. You can always pause and gather your strength once more. There will be times that you will think there is nowhere else to go. All you have to do is take a deep breath, sleep on it, and face the day recharged. 

Every single day will be harder just hold on to it. 

Blue Coral Beach Resort
Poolside Room – PHP 9,000/night good for 8-10 pax
Mandatory Food @ PHP 1,600/per person/day inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner buffet
Water Activities optional from PHP 1,500 – 5,000

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