Poly Culture Group delegation Tours Facilities of Joy Spreader, Its New Strategic Partner


BEIJING, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Led by Wang Bo, president/party secretary at Poly Culture Group and assistant to the general manager of China Poly Group, a delegation of executives from Poly Culture and the heads of the firm’s movie production and distribution, cinema management, media publishing, music and art education divisions, as well as its cultural industry fund visited and inspected the Beijing headquarters of Joy Spreader Group Inc. (06988.HK) on November 3, 2021.

Zinan Zhu, CEO and Founder of Joy Spreader Introduces Current Business Performance and Plans for Further Growth.
Zinan Zhu, CEO and Founder of Joy Spreader Introduces Current Business Performance and Plans for Further Growth.

Zinan Zhu, CEO and Founder of Joy Spreader, a strategic partner of Poly Film, a Poly Culture company, gave a presentation on the group’s current business performance and plans for the next stage of growth when addressing the visiting delegation. The two parties then conducted extensive in-depth exchanges on culture and digital technology integration-based empowerment as well as the integrated development of cultural content and online new media.

Poly Culture Group, a subsidiary of China Poly Group, is the only professional cultural industry group among China’s centrally-administered state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Over the past few years, Poly Culture Group has built a portfolio comprising multiple businesses, including show and theater management, artwork management and auctioning as well as cinema investment and management, while actively exploring new ventures, among them cultural finance, art education, cultural tourism and cultural creativity.

Poly Film, a specialized film, television and entertainment arm of Poly Culture, has based the long-term growth of its business on a roadmap that includes establishing itself as a boutique cinema operator, a unique content producer, a technology-entertainment integrator and a film culture communicator. In addition, the firm is actively leveraging digital and internet technologies to expand its business portfolio.

Joy Spreader, one of China’s leading mobile new media performance-based marketing technology companies, is committed to providing new media performance-based marketing services to customers in the culture, entertainment and consumer sectors through its data model algorithms and interest-based recommendation engines.

By forming a comprehensive strategic partnership with Poly Film, Joy Spreader plans to join hands with the industry leader to expand its new digital technology-powered businesses, including online marketing and distribution of movies and TV series, new media operation of films and TV content, expansion into global markets as well as the integrated operation of films and games, in addition to its existing distribution and marketing of games and e-book readers. The aim is to further consolidate the firm’s leading position in the interactive entertainment product performance-based marketing sector.

Since the beginning of 2021 which marks the first year of China’s 14th Five-year Plan, the Chinese government has shifted much of its attention to the development of the digital economy alongside the transformation of traditional industries empowered by the deep integration of digital technologies and the real economy. Notably, the growing need for the integration of culture and the digital economy is expected to open up new opportunities for collaboration between Chinese centrally-administered cultural enterprises and internet technology firms. Going forward, Joy Spreader plans to continue exploring a diversified cooperative model by fully leveraging its own advantages in response to a trend towards technology-culture convergence, with the aim of contributing to the healthy development of the sector.

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Source: Joy Spreader Group Inc.

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