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If you are lazy like me you’ve probably tested all cleansing wet tissues there. Some find the one for baby effective and some search for specific cleansing needs.

I had consumed the Nivea already and while I was in S&R, I saw this one and Neutrogena. I chose Pond’s because it is more affordable and has bundle promo 499.75 two packs. It is like 249.75 per 30 towelettes.

Pond’s outside the Philippines has cool products that I only see in international magazines. Since I want to compare notes, I gave this a try.

Pond's Wet TissueIMG_2641

When I read the description what I noticed (and happy about) is it’s safe for contact lens wearers. The other stuff for me should be SOP. LOL I am not sure about the color scheme of Pond’s here in the Philippines as the green range are the ones for cleaning.

Quezon City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 4/14/15The wet tissue has a different texture and pattern, maybe to distinguish it from the other. It’s not rough and it’s super soaked with liquid, it has bubbles when I squeeze it.

Quezon City / Metro Manila / Philippines - 4/14/15


Surprisingly, it picks up makeup and dirt very well. Even waterproof mascara and eyeliner are losers in this one. I used two wipes if I am removing my makeup and still wash my face afterwards.

I feel lucky that things like this was invented. What is your favorite go-to products for lazy peeps?


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