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Ph Care Priva

Products nowadays are invented to give solution to all our needs. Take for example this two new feminine wash from PH Care – Priva Skin Lightening & Cooling and Priva Skin Firming & Cooling. From the word “Cooling” (which I am addicted to) it is the perfect wash for our hot humid days.

This two variant promises to (1) lighten the bikini area and (2) bring back the firmness of the skin down there. Priva Skin Lightening & Cooling has Gluthatione and Strawberry Extract that helps lighten the area while Priva Skin Firming  & Cooling has collagen, extracts from Kwao Krua ( root from Thailand known to improve skin elasticity), and witch hazel extract which we know is an antiseptic and helps in retaining skin moisture.

The Verdict

My inner thighs are sensitive, when I wear sanitary pads with wings and forgot to change it often I develop rashes. The friction from rough seamed panties irritates my skin as well. The result, darkening, using Priva Skin Lightening & Cooling made my skin smoother and lighter, I didn’t notice it until I finished the bottle and check the result. It has also lightened the area under my butt cheeks.

As for Priva Skin Firming  & Cooling, I really cannot judge the result. I do not know what is firm or not, but I love the Revitacool technology they both has. It makes me sleep better at night.

This product was sent by UNILAB PH for editorial consideration. 

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