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How’s your Saturday everyone?

Are you excited for my giveaway tomorrow? I hope you are.

I am just sharing my product empties – The UNDER ARMED FORCES from Snoe Beauty, Inc. I purchased this last November 17, 2012 (my birthday) and empties it last January.

I know it’s April already but I got so hooked using this and I forgot to document my journey using it. So this most would be more like a testimonial.

I will claim that this product is indeed effective. No questions ask. There are a lot of products in the market on how to revive the collateral damage of your armpit but none of them seems effective, especially if you don’t use it religiously.

The one I’ve tried was from Nivea which I think they discontinued already and the other one is the Mosbeau cream endorsed by Angel Locsin.

The problem with most underarms is the dry skin and the layer after layers of deodorants ever since you started using one. If you don’t remove the product every night or exfoliate, it will cause a VERY DARK build up.

Using this product, I saw the skin being peeled as early as three days. I used it twice daily and the skin underneath was revealed – my real skin.

From then, after the “recovery” I see to it that I remove the deodorant that I used including the lint from the shirt that I wore.

I am going to buy another set of these because I am not yet through, there are still some spots that need to be peeled, so from there I will be able to show you how effective this is.

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