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Yesterday Props Tools & Cosmetics opened their very first kiosk in Cinderella, Greenbelt 3. I think it’s very timely to post another product from them.

If you can remember my review on their Flair Palette I liked my shopping experience and I saw a palette that I am dying to have.

I wanted to have this before. (photo linked to the source)

But I scrapped the idea because this is too expensive here and I cannot justify why I want to have it.

So when I saw this Eye Cream Base and checked the price Php400 I did not hesitate to hit check out.

Product Description: (from Props Website)

A good base is key to good makeup. Props Eye Cream Base contains 15 colors of eye shadow cream that is waterproof and long lasting. Apply this before your eye make up or use it alone for a more defined look. 

It’s very pigmented and the eye shadow sets perfectly. With creams you can create precise application for advanced eye makeup look as the powder shadow will set mainly to the cream. This is flexible as these colors can be primers as well for everyday look.

It’s between creamy and waxy. I like its consistency, no pungent smell except for the casing. And it has an acetate now to protect the creams in place.

I’ve used this once as my base color for the Midnight Emerald Look I did the other day.

I am excited to use the other colors for my look. I noticed that colored primers give great results on eye makeup.

I don’t have anything else to say because I am stunned. LOL

I am going to have my hair digiperm today. You may see updates on my Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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