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Haul & Shops

By the time this post hit the online scene I am sure I am doing my makeup as I will meet a friend in Trinoma today. Another scheduled post by yours truly. 

I am wondering if the Avon Makeup Council campaign was over. *laughs* I did not receive a notice about that. Recently my mom got me some new products from Avon. Actually, she showed me the brochure and I eyed some of the items on sale. I got new brassière, skin care, and the new CC Cream (which I totally love)

Avon_Clear Skin_Blemish Corrector

Avon Naturals_Peel Off Gel

Avon CC Cream


I am in the middle of road testing them so please expect a review or first expression of them soonest.

What product are you curious about?

Happy Saturday!


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