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Hello everyone! I just want you know that I am still alive. Ha! I am really busy at work because I am leaving for a business trip next week. I do not want to review products in a hurry. (Besides I haven’t processed all the photos)

I am also busy rehearsing and organizing this play for a cause which will be on stage on November 23, 2013. The play is called separasyon (separation) a story of seven women who have different struggles in life. This was written by my mentor, Lito Casaje, the beneficiary of this worthwhile endeavor. If you are following me he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. I really want to pursue this play so I can help him and give tribute to him.

Doing this project is the most noble thing I feel I will make in my entire lifetime but I won’t stop doing noble things after this. I am happy to note that we/I even come up with a new company because of this. Details soon.
SAM_deets As for the photo, I just curled my hair worn a little foundation and used my Avon Everlasting Red Lippie. The post processing of the photo (black & white) made my lips stand out.

Anyhow, You can catch up with me through my personal blog www.samlanuza.com and on my Twitter & IG: @dishysammy

I will post FOTD, OOTD, from time to time and interject product reviews. I am uploading a haul video but my YouTube is not cooperating with me so expect another delay.

Oh well guys, Please stay beautiful and god bless. Enjoy the quote above.


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