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My work week will once again end and I haven’t done my part writing all the crazy things I did plus the delicious food I ate.

I spent my Saturday with le bf’s friends while working on my SS article. Then came Sunday I spent it with le in laws, missing my Laguna home big time.

I saw birds at the #petcityexpo in BGC.

I was looking for a dog and a guinea pig but the expo showcased mostly fish and bird.

Then we stroll high street to eat at Claw Daddy and found out that there are no claws available for us. I was actually craving for their seafood boil. (Maybe I should just make my own)

Then we went back home and made coffee ice cream.


Of course, I’ll give you my recipe. It is not my original I just saw it on YouTube.

3 teaspoon instant coffee dissolved in 1/2 cup hot water
1 can condensed milk
2 cups whipping cream

Whip until thick, freeze for about 3-5 hours and it’s ready.

To mimic the commercial coffee ice cream you may add chocolate chips and walnut or cashew nuts.

It’s delicious!

After dessert le bf requested for another one, this time for midnight snack — dynamite.

He loves anything spicy so I made this one. It’s my first time making it and I just made it out of instinct. Haha

If you want to try you’ll need the following:

– Green long chili (Siling pang sigang in Filipino)
– Ground Beef
– Cheese
– Spring Roll Wrapper
– Mayonnaise and Sriracha for the dip

1. Sauté ground beef in minced garlic, onion, soy sauce, sriracha, salt, & pepper until brown. Let it cool.

2. Remove the seeds from the chilis. This will reduce its heat and makes it easy to eat.

3. Stuff chili with ground beef and seal it with strips of cheese. Any cheese would do but Mozarella could be better.

4. Wrap it in spring roll wrappers to secure filling.

5. Fry it.

To make the dip, just mix the mayo, in my case I used Japanese Mayo and Sriracha according to your preference.


My in laws enjoyed it. I spent my entire night with burning lips because it was really hot.

Want me to write or film my other random recipes?

Just comment below.


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