Review: Charm Travel Pro Set


Two years ago when I was starting my makeup addiction I got nuts about Stippling Brushes. Simply because it says that it delivers air brush effect on liquid foundation (true). I search, search, and search for a brush and I stumble upon ShopSui on Facebook.

They announced that they will join the SuperSale Bazaar at The Grove (across Tiendesitas in Pasig) so I asked my BFF to come with me.

Unfortunately they do not accept credit card payments and I wasn’t able to buy it. I returned to their store days after and purchased it.


Charm Travel Pro Set

I purchased this set because of the Stippling Brush of course and it is very affordable. This was only Php980.00

Charm Travel Pro Set

I like the pink snake skin cover of its casing and its fits my purse whenever I like to bring it. The SA told me that it was made of Squirrel hair and the others are synthetic.

Charm Brushes

From Top – Bottom: Stippling brush (Dual Fiber: Synthetic/hair), Powder Brush, angled blush brush, concealer brush (synthetic)

Charm Brushes

From Top – Bottom: Soft Dome Brush, Pointed Brush, Flat Brush (synthetic), Contour brush, small angled brush, eyeliner brush, spooly, lip brush.

I know at this time animal hair brushes are no longer encourage because of the animal cruelty issue.

I love all the synthetic brushes in this collection as well as the three small brushes (angled, eyeliner, lip brush).

It is almost complete for starters. I actually use the concealer brush for my foundation and the stippling brush for my bronzer.

The overall appearance of the brush is really cute and girly too.  The black and pink color makes it look sophisticated. It’s not too small nor too long.

The things I do not like about the set are the following:

  • It doesn’t have a real e/s applicator, the two brushes for e/s here are more for blending.
  • The pigments stain the brush (which on the contrary will let you see how dirty it is)
  • Becomes a little rough when washed even with conditioner (or do I need to use a brush cleaner instead of hotel shampoos)
  • The stain won’t really go away after you clean it. So if you look at my brushes above you’ll see the bronzer and blusher left overs but they are clean.
  • The concealer brush is too thick and absorbs more product than it should be. I think it will be best if it’s thinner.

But I can live with the things that I do not like. I still love this brushes 70/30 if you’ll ask me. I just hope that this one was purple and I will worship it. haha

These are my personal brushes I do not use it to anyone else. I have a different set for my friends for hygiene purposes. 

I made this brief review because I will feature the brushes I bought from The Landmark recently which are all vegan (synthetic).

Invest with good set of brushes, take good care of them and you don’t have to buy again and again.

If you own a brush set let me know below. I want to buy a professional set. hihi

How’s your vacation so far?


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