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Price:  Php99 / 12 Strips
Available in all Watsons Nationwide

If you remember my haul early this month I said I replenished my nose strips as I am sharing this with my brother and boyfriend (boys are scared and too shy to get a facial, agree?). I think it’s time for me to share about this product.

I remember that the only nose strip commercially available was from Pond’s and they no longer sell it at present, I wonder why. I always want to try new products and I find this innovative because it lessens your trip to facial salons.  Facial nowadays costs around 299 and up plus the medicines being required by the dermatologists, this saves us money.

So what does this strip do?

  • Instantly remove blackheads
  • Draws out impurities
  • Absorbs oil and dirt
  • Unclog deep pores


If you are new to this product you can easily read its description, directions, ingredients, and the manufacturers details at the back.

Opening the box you will see this,


The strips are individually pack in a sealed silver foil.


Its shape is customized to follow our nose shape. The material is like a waxing cloth and is stick on plastic which you will peel before using. The first side is dry and smooth and the one sticking to the plastic has the adhesive and product that will pull out whiteheads and blackheads.

I’ve tried the three variants of these strips – regular, charcoal, and green tea.

I find it a little tricky to use this product because you have to wet your nose area then peel off the plastic then apply to your nose. Oftentimes, my nose will dry immediately and the product won’t stick any more. So I have to wet my nose again and try.

The product won’t adhere to the skin if it is not wet and you need to do it immediately because once it has stick on your skin you cannot peel it off and adjust.

You know you can remove the strip when it feels stiff similar to egg white on your skin.

It hurts a little upon peeling the strip and it’s best to start peeling from the nose bridge going to the tip of the nose.

I can compare the feeling to plucking stray hairs on your eyebrows all at once. OUCH!


Above are my whiteheads after removing. If applied properly it will remove almost all the impurities you have on your nose. I know it’s disgusting but I want to show you.

Your nose will itch until the next morning so it’s advisable to do it at night. I feel a sudden relief after removing those nasty whiteheads I have.

I wonder how they entered my pores, I blame air pollution and of course make up.

You can use this strip 2 – 3 times a week.

Maybe I will try the nose and chin strips next time cause I also have nasty whiteheads around my chin. It is also Php99 but only 10 strips.

I do recommend this nose strip instead of the Elmer’s glue type nose pack which is messy and more itchy after usage.

By the way, they also have wax strips, cold wax, blotting papers, acne patch, mask and more.

I am searching for their Facebook and website but I found none. Hopefully they will have a fan page to connect with their consumers.

Let me know if you have tried this product and let me know if you like it.


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