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I got excited when my package from Eden Fantasys finally arrived. I asked my former boss to have it shipped in his San Francisco office so that the shipping fee is lesser.

Lip Care Set

It comes in a transparent plastic pouch full of brown and pink confetti (which I like) and the pouch is reusable (I can put my undies here for overnight travel hihi)
Lip Care Set - Eden Fantasys

 Lip Care Kit – Lip Balm $14.99

From their website the kit contains a matte lip balm, shiny lip balm, and the minty lip balm (refer to the photo below)

I wonder why there is a sudden change in order but I am not complaining because the minty lip balm is still there.

The two lip balms was replaced by Brown sugar Lip Scrub and Cocoa Butter balm.

Lip Care Set

The product is stored in a ordinary plastic jar and labeled with stickers (both brand and ingredients). The lid is black and the rest of it is white. The volume of the product is indicated also 1/3 oz. or 9.45 grams. My concern is the stickers might worn out overtime if it is always in my purse. Lip Care Set

The ingredients of each pot is properly stated, surprisingly no harmful ingredients. Unfortunately it is not consistent, the minty lip balm (middle) contains the manufacturer name as well as its website compare to the other two which has the ingredients only.

Let’s take a look at them one by one, shall we?Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

This lip scrub is really great in removing dead skin cells. Exfoliating is vital because if you have chapped lips other lip products will not glide on smoothly and it will look ugly.

Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

TRY THIS AT HOME: Get a teaspoon of brown sugar and mix it with either petroleum jelly, unscented lotion, or baby oil. Gently scrub your lips for a minute using your fingers (do not over scrub) and do it at least thrice weekly before sleeping. Do not forget to top it off with balm.

 Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

I like this lip balm because it is not greasy and it has subtle smell and taste.

TRIVIA: Cocoa Butter is a natural fat used to make chocolates, biscuits, and others. It prevents dry skin and keeps it smelling/looking good.

Minty Breath Freshening Lip Balm

Let’s go to my ultimate favorite among the three. The MINTY breath freshening lip balm, you know me I love mint so much and as a bonus this one is actually CHOCO MINT. I can apply it over and over throughout the day.

Once you open the pot you will smell the chocolate mint and it tastes very sweet. People around me turn their head whenever I apply this balm.

It smells chocolate but tastes like mint. haha I am confuse but I love it.

When it comes to its texture it is not greasy also and dries up fast. This is good for kissing too (mint and chocolate, you can join lovapalooza and win because of this. haha)

Open-mouthed smileWinking smileHot smile

Overall, you could have this as a gift for your niece, best friend, or whomever dear to you. As for me, I am a lip balm addict so I tried it.

Just be sure to use clean fingers to prevent product contamination.

Have a great day ahead readers!


Disclosure: I am blogging for Eden Fantasys in exchange of gift cards. It is my own initiative to review the products that I purchased and my opinions remain honest and true. Stay tuned if you want to blog for them too, I will post the details on


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