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Sobs for an overdue post, I can imagine my lack of post when I start to market the next event. I am one month behind and the office is keep on pulling me out to do other things.

Oh well, I said I will post this review last night but I ended up comatose with the boyfriend. My eyes were half closed last night.

So let’s start?


The art of makeup is the art of coloring. I remember my mom use to tell me to trace outlines first before filling in the entire shape. It now works with eyebrows and lips, outlining and filling in.

Of all the inexpensive brands I’ve tried for me this is (so far) the best.

I am talking about Nichido Pencils.

Nichido Eye Liner

Water Resistant
Allergy Tested: contains silica, mica, and zinc oxide
Made in Czech

Net wt. 0.04 oz. / 1.14 g

I also have their lip liner which I forgot to include in the photo above. If you will see I am really using it, I sharpen them often. 

The first pencil is the spot corrector but I do not use it as concealer as it is too dry and pointed to apply on my skin. I use it for my water line because white eyeliner gives me an anime weird look compare to peach/cream/beige which gives a more natural look.

The second liner is the precise eye pencil in Chestnut. I use it for my brows and sometimes for my upper and lower lash line. I don’t go for traditional colors, I hunt colors that will compliment my skin tone. Brown and dark brown gives me a strong brow definition while chestnut and ash gray gives me a very subtle brows.

The third pencil is the KOHL pencil. I want to emphasized Kohl because some people said that it’s hard to find one in the market. What is so special with a Kohl liner? It’s perfect for Smokey Eyes! It rims the waterlines perfectly and it’s waterproof too. This is my favorite among their liners I use this for all Smokey Eyes I am doing. It’s perfect for lash lines too especially if set with a black e/s.

Nichido Eye Liner

Nichido Swatch


Locally available in beauty counters / department stores nationwide

♥ Reasonable price Php138.00

♥ Creamy and easy to apply

♥ The cap is tight

♥ Doesn’t break easily while using

♥ Comes with a variety of colors (green, blue, white)

DISLIKES – Non so far Open-mouthed smile

Will I repurchase?

Of course. The Kohl above is my second pencil already.

By the way, I am using Rosette as my lip liner. It’s their “ my lips but better” lip liner and I might get the red soon.

That’s it.

Oh Friday, you come and go so fast.

Happy weekend everyone. I hope you had a good week.


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