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If you do not want intense black liners then navy blue is a good alternative after brown. It gives your eyes a life if you want to spice your look a bit.

I find this San San Kohl Eyeliner interesting. But first what is Kohl?

Kohl is lead sulfide that is widely used as cosmetics (mostly eyeliner) in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

I like Kohl eyeliner because it is creamier and longer lasting. It doesn’t smudge on the waterline and when it is sharpened it doesn’t become “hazardous” sharp.

Now let’s go this eyeliner. IMG_3056

Packaging: San San’s trademark color of their makeup is blue; for this pencil the cap identifies the color of the pencil. This pencil is a dual ended it has the main lead and a Smudger on the other end. (I love 2 in 1 products I do not have to bring a smudger with me if I need to) Part of me wishes that the other end should be a sharpener. IMG_3058



For P85.00 you will get almost six inches of pencil. The lead is solid too, I have to stress this because some eyeliner pencil tends to break when you sharpen it.

Swatch & Consistency: This eyeliner delivers a navy blue color. It’s easy to use as it glides smoothly on to the skin. A little pressure is needed to draw a line because it’s not really creamy/soft compare to other liners that are too soft. The hardness of the lead is just right. IMG_3063


I tried to smudge it and the my name didn’t totally fade in fact it gave a smoky effect. This where the smudge enters the picture – to create a smoky effect and/or to spread/blend the product.

I believe this eyeliner comes in black, brown, and blue. I would love if they will come up with peach, green, and other fun colors. I will collect them because they are affordable and locally available too.

I am happy that we have makeup lines that won’t break our wallet.

When newly sharpened, draw a line at the back of your hand. If it is too pointy it’ll poke your eyes – ouch!

Do you like colored pencil liners too?

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