Review: Snoe Rouge Deluxe Complete Lip Care in Heavenly Pink

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Updating DISHYSAMMY is addicting. Even though I have tons of work to finish in front me I cannot help not to click my live writer and post.

Today I am sharing the latest lip product I got from Snoe, they recently had their event two weeks ago and they were so generous to let the beauty bloggers have it and choose the color they like.

I picked Heavenly Pink , I was actually torn between Precious Pout and this Heavenly Pink but I know I have a nice mauve pink color already so I was brave to get this a.k.a. Nicki Minaj Lip Color.


Hands down for the packaging as I am a big fan of vintage looking things (like The Balm) – the font face, the color, the overall aesthetic I like, like, like.


I believe the gold design was laser printed and eventually will be erased after a long time but I still find it cute.


I classify this as another Barbie Pink lip color, it’s a pale pink almost like carnation pink. You need to be brave to sport this kind of color because it is indeed a Nicki Minaj lips.

For fair skin ladies out there you look really stunning in this. As for me I looked one shade darker.

Here comes the swatches.




Apologies for the out of focus photos. I used Low Light setting for my cam.

I currently have wind burn that is why my lips look like a disaster. Despite my wind burn the lip product was able to cover my lips and I love the hue. I wore this twice and I didn’t received any violent reaction.

  • Creamy, it glides smoothly onto the lips
  • Pigmented for a very light/pale color
  • Smells and tastes good

I cannot really judge its moisturizing factor because I have a bad lip condition at the moment. Thus, if this is blended well – let it melt first before applying the second coat. The packaging says that it has a buttery crème finish and I agree to that.

I notice after some time, eating, drinking and the like. My lips absorbed the color and made it a little darker making it more wearable throughout the day. Is this a magic lippie?


I am acidic and I am not sure if this is the result but I still like it.

I shall come up with an FOTD for this lippie because I am sure you want to see how to use it.

Better check out the other five shades – Precious Pink (mauve pink), Just Peachy (coral), Chili Pepper (bright red), Vintage Rose (nude pink), and Bite me (deep plum) in your favorite Snoe Beauty Outlet or online (

According to Snoe they will come up with more shades so better watch out for that. I do hope they will something like Lime Crime.

Oh I better get back to work ladies.

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