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Who believe in oil’s effectiveness when it comes to skin care, beauty, and hair care? I do. Even in perfumes if it is oil based the perfume is more fragrant and long-lasting.

I’ve seen this oil everywhere and I am so lucky to have it received as a prize from Cosmopolitan (PH) Magazine.

So what is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is from the Argan Tree (obviously), a tree only found in Morocco. Argan Tree can live up to 200 years old but only produces a nut when it reaches 30 – 50 years old. The tree can grow as high as 35 feet and you need a goat to produce all the goodness.

Argan Oil production has a similar concept of Alamid Coffee. The goats (Tamri) go to the mountains and eats the nuts then the manufacturers will collect the droppings and produced the oil.

Some experts say that there are manufacturers that do not need a goat to produce it.


In the kitchen Argan Oil is a salad dressing or bread dip but it is more famous in the beauty industry as it provides a lot of benefits.

Also known as the “liquid gold” below are benefits that will entice you to include this in your beauty regimen.

  1. Tames fizzy hair and adds shine to the hair.
  2. Moisturizer for scalp and prevents it from flaking.
  3. Perfect moisturizer for the face for that radiant glow.
  4. Can be used on the entire body.
  5. Prevents cuticle from drying.

Argan Oil - Souq

Argan Oil_1

My personal experience

I use this Argan Oil to add moisture to my hair and add shine. A few drops can cover my entire hair, be careful not to put too much because it will make the hair limp and greasy.

I also apply this to my eyelashes and cuticle to condition it.

Although the bottle says that it is also good to use as makeup base and moisturizer I haven’t tried it because I am afraid that it will break me out. And besides I still have other skin care products which I am using every day. (But will definitely try soon)

My overall experience with this Argan oil is amazing. The fact that this an oil, often heavy on the skin, it is completely the opposite.

It dries quickly leaving skin supple and glowing.

Since this is expensive I shall use this efficiently.

How about you have you tried this Argan Oil?


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