Run for reading 2018 #McdoStripesRun

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video by husband

I have always wanted to be a triathlete, but I do not know how to swim and ride a bike. Although I am okay doing crossfit and other types of exercise, I grew up with asthma so it was really challenging to be physically active. 

Anyway, today was a first of many, we joined the Mcdonald’s charity run for reading. It feels good to have helped the kids get reading kits and was able to have a morning run. 

We chose the 3K category since we have a six year old kid with us and although it was crowded, we still had fun. 

We are looking forward joining more run in the future. 

As for the video, I feel “more” of me documenting happenings of our life without thinking about how I look or make reactions. It is liberating. I hope to capture more of our life events. 

What other fun runs we can join? Please comment below. 

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