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If you read my post last Saturday about Angel’s Kitchen {here} you’ll remember I mentioned that the afternoon tea party was hosted by scents and sensibilities. We were only four bloggers there and after eating those delectable dishes served to us, we started the fragrance party.

I love fragrance, for the home I love citrus scents and lavender. For myself, I am into musky perfumes and vanilla. I am so excited to know more about this company so before I delve into the fragrance haven, let me talk about the company first, Scents and Sensibilities are all about the affair Ms. Mazie Sycip-Qua with fragrances. According to her, fragrance brings back memories, her favorite smell is lavender. What inspired her to make her own fragrance line, is when she can no longer find the Olive Dry Mist from a famous brand.

S&S proudly notes that all their products are hand crafted. Her line is mainly for home and now adding more body products to their collection.

First up, Reed Diffuser, ideal for rooms, bathrooms, or anywhere you want. As of the moment they have ten (plus one) scents available – Lavender, Olive Oil, Grapefruit & Eucalyptus, Ginger Green Tea, Citronella, Tangerine & Ginger, Sage & Ginseng Mint, Basil Mandarin & Lime, Orange Vanilla, and Yuletide Pine.

Reed Diffuser

Back to back partner with the linen and room spray. You get to have your own fragrant paradise at home. You can spray this on your bedding, curtain, and even your clothes. You may also spray this on your fluorescent light and/or light bulb before turning it on, since light heat up overtime, it will diffuse the smell all over the room.

Room & Linen Spray

My favorite scent is olive oil, sage & ginseng mint, and citronella. I was amazed when we asked how she combine the scents and she said through instinct. Amazing, right?

Going to the body department now, we have the Dry Oil Mist, infused with essential oil with a benefit of a moisturizer, you will get the scent that locks in moisture.

Body MistSo this dry mist is perfect for our humid weather.

I also learned from this event how to layer scents, our old trick is to use the same scent of shampoo, soap, and even perfume. Ms. Maizie taught us a new technique — pat dry your skin, apply dry mist, let it dry. Now on to the second step, use the same variant of Eau de Toilette, and spray on your wrist, neck, and hairline. When you feel hot and you perspire the scent will diffuse.

S&S will also be coming out with more body products in the future. What I really excited about for them to launch is their soy candles, hopefully it will become massage candles.

Soy Candle

Soy candles are better than paraffin because it doesn’t produce harmful smoke and if infused with essential oils it will really be perfect for massage. As of the moment, they have almond vanilla, ginger green tea, morning dew, serendipity, and woods on Harvard.

I totally agree with Ms. Maizie when she said that fragrance unlock memories, as it lingers to our senses during the moment, when we get the chance to smell that particular scent again, it’s the instant time machine.


If you want to know more about Scents & Sensibilities, you may visit them at 4F SM Megamall Fashion Hall or follow them on social media – Facebook (/scentsandsensibilities.bodyhome); Twitter (@SCENTSnSensibilities); Instagram (scents_and_sensibilities)

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