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Hello everyone,

Friends and readers were asking me why my Style Diary tab is empty. This blog is turning 1 month on the 27th and my weekend is pretty hectic (sleeping, eating, sleeping) to do photo shoots. hahaha

I have a problem with lighting that is why I cannot take photos for my posts.

Anyway, I have been following this Fan Page on Facebook – Your Next Shoes and they gave me a lot of ideas of what shoes I want to have next.

Although I gave up heels, I guess, for a year now. I still love owning them.

Here are my picks.

Black Boots

This type shoes can make you run your errands and still look fab.

Sling Black Shoes

I am not sure about this shoes. It looks comfy but still FAB, FAB, FAB.

Orange Shoe

I like the orange version of the previous photo to make a bold statement on your monochromatic outfit.

Pink Pumps

Patent Pumps are must haves, your feet looks very sexy when your wearing one.

Cork Shoe

But if you are not a fan of pumps… You can have this… I like them both… haha


Another must have – WEDGES. Like boots you can run everywhere if you are wearing wedges.

Have you notice my choices? Well it is because I am an office girl but most of the time (as in everyday) I wear flats.

If you decide to wear some these shoes better keep a pair of flats handy. Your legs will thank you. It’s not healthy to wear high heels all the time it can strain your legs and feet, so hooray for those who were born with height, you don’t need to wear ‘em more often.

Do you like the shoes I picked?

Let me know below.

*Photos from Your Next Shoes Facebook Page*


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