Skin 101: Know your skin type

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Hello everyone,

I am so ecstatic to write this post. I received a DM in twitter (follow me there, use the button above)  asking me tips about Oily Skin.

Before we go through the whole tips of taking care of our skin. Let us know our skin type first.

Here’s how to do it.

  • Cleanse your face
  • Go outside bring your mirror, facing the sun check the following signs

Dry Skin

  • Flaky around forehead and cheekbone
  • Very tight pores
  • has uniform pigmentation

Oily Skin

  • T-Zone is oily. Look the illustration below to identify your T-Zone. Photo from Google Images

  • Pores appear to be big.

And for the basic skin care routine here are the things you might need to consider.

Dry Skin

Cleanser: Lotion Type Cleanser. Cleansers that had moisturizing benefits and does not further strip off the skin.

Toner: Choose Toner with Chamomile Properties. If you can’t find anything the market you can make your own by warming a bottle of distilled bottle and soaking chamomile tea bag.

Moisturizer: Lotion Type also preferably with Sunscreen

Oily Skin

Cleanser: Foam Type Cleanser

Toner: Choose Toner with Salicylic Acid or Fruit Acid. If you find Salicylic acid harsh again you can make your own by taking a lemon slice it into circles and 1 – 3 slices of it in a distilled water. Shake well. Now you have an instant toner.

Moisturizer: Gel Type. So that it is easily absorbed by the skin and preferable with Sunscreen.

These three steps is done morning and night. It’s a must no excuses. Do this before applying your makeup and before sleeping.

Your skin will thank you. But the skin type doesn’t stop there some people have combination skin type, like I do.

Normal to Oily, Normal to Dry, Dry to Oily so I advice you to visit a dermatologist so you will be properly guided.

I will be writing a queued post after this to properly address OILY SKIN problems as well as Acne so STAY TUNED!

All the best,


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