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From my previous post (click if you haven’t read it) I discussed How to know our Skin Type. Today I am sharing more knowledge and more based on experience encounter on how to take care or at least tame oily skin.

I considered writing Tips on Thursdays.

I mentioned facial wash with salicylic acid and moisturizers in gel form. I also stated to wash your face twice daily – morning and night.

Let’s take it from there.

Washing your face frequently can cause oil glands to produce more oil. So it is recommended to wash at least twice.

I also advice to exfoliate your face using a gentle scrub once a week to get rid of build ups and dead skin cells.

You can try this at home.

1 teaspoon sugar + olive oil = instant facial scrub

Sugar granules are gentle enough to exfoliate the entire face. I use the washed brown sugar most of the time, the white sugar is too fine.

But what to do in between face cleansing? During the day? When outside?

I suggest the following.

  1. Always keep an oil blotting paper in your purse. Blotting paper absorbs oil making your face shine free. I do not suggest to use your hanky because it’s not hygienic (even if you fold it from one side to the other).
  2. Keep a loose powder handy for retouch. If you have makeup on instead of putting your foundation again, use loose powder. Your baby powder can do wonders. It’s also good to spray a water mist on your face to wake up your make up.
  3. Stop touching your face. Since oily skin is prone to acne… Stop touching it… Can you imagine how dirty your fingers are?
  4. Drink more water.
  5. Stay away from Junk foods and other oily foods. What we eat goes out of our body, not just as feces but as sweat, and more. (I sound little gross there)

I have an oily skin and the things I mentioned above helps me a lot, especially when on the go.

I hope I have helped you more.


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