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Celeteque Cleansing OilI bought this Celeteque Advance Anti-aging, Anti Wrinkle Ultra Hydrating Cleansing Oil last May 2013 when I ran out of my Pure Beauty cleansing oil. I thought they have the same properties as the Shu Eumura which creates lather when combined with water. To my surprise they are completely different, I was really fascinated when I saw it in the beauty section shelves.

Cleansing Oil Celeteque

So what does it do?

cleansing oil about


Direction for use

cleansing oil direction

I used this cleansing oil if I am so lazy to remove my makeup and wash my face. Since it says I can leave overnight I checked if I will have breakouts the next morning. Gladly no new pimple  in town after less than eight hours of sleep.

The main ingredient for this product is mineral oil but it smells like other Celeteque products. When you decided to rinse it, although it has high emollient properties, it’s easy to rinse.

I also notice that no matter how many drops I used to moisten my cotton the bottle is still full, I just reached half this month and I am loving it.

I remember when I bought this I got the Anti-Stretch Mark cream for free the SA told me that I can use it even if I am not pregnant.

I am happy that Celeteque is widening their high quality yet affordable skin care line.

I heard they launched a shampoo. I guess I should try it.

Price to be updated. 

xx SAM

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