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I have a bath & body category on my blog but I do not remember any bath related products being posted here. Although I have tons of shampoo and soaps to talk about I cannot justify their effectiveness in a week.

So here’s the scrub the I am liking lately.

I got these from Solar friends last Christmas and I opened it immediately just to smell it and it smells heavenly.

It smells like Jelly Ace (the magenta one) actually not Yoghurt. I told myself that I should indulge myself with a long bath using this.

If not lazy, I scrub every other day since I spend most of my time commuting, my mind tells me that I am dirty.

Besides scrubbing regularly makes your skin supple and radiant. It doesn’t look dull like you have tons of dead skin cells.

Aside from the heavenly smell this scrub passed my likings. I like scrubs that I can feel the beads unlike other scrub that has micro beads I prefer the vigorous feel. LOL I feel that I am not scrubbing if I do not feel it.

With this scrubs it has white granules as well as red strawberry beads. The small strawberry beads contains the flavor while the white granules do the exfoliating.

It’s easy to rinse off to. I do not like bath products that will leave me feel like I still have soap all over my body.

My only problem is the bottle. The opening is too big it might spill over the product all at once it doesn’t have a stopper.

Also when you already have the product on the bottle becomes slippery. I prefer to have this in a pump bottle. I am pretty sure that the granules won’t block off the tubes.

I am scouting the mall and looking for this to check the price but I haven’t seen it yet.

But this is manufactured by Unilab Philippines.

Overall cream/lotion type body scrub is preference among other scrubs available in the market.

I am hoping to find this soon. 😀

What is your current body scrub?


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