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Skinmate Shark Oil

P55.00 | Watsons, Mercury Drug, Beauty Department Store

I learned about this product from a radio commercial, no major impact at all. When my brother suffered from his puberty breakouts, I saw this is his stash. I asked him, is the product really effective? I even overheard him asking my mom to buy him a new bottle.

When I had bad breakouts from using a dirty stippling brush (yes, clean your brushes, thank you), I saw this in Watsons and I decided to get one myself.


Skinmate Shark Oil removes dead skin and blemishes, allowing new skin cells to dominate, making it smooth, white, radiant, young looking.

To avoid irritation, use every other night.


Ethyl Alcohol (food grade), refined shark liver oil, glycerine, polyoxythylene sorbitan monolaurate


Dry face well before applying using finger tips. Never use cotton when applying as it will irritate skin.


This product is effective. It dries out pimples BUT it will result into peeling. It could be itchy, that is why you need your moisturizer. The peeling can get pretty bad, never peel yourself.

Do not scrub it off as well as it may really irritate your skin.

Once the peeling stopped, a new skin is born, supple and bright. My breakout reduced {know my current face wash}. I stopped using it after I got rid all of my blemishes.

This is also good for acne marks, especially for the new marks, it will help fade it out faster.

My advice is to avoid the sun as much as possible, wear sunscreen, skip makeup f you could as it will only give you a patchy foundation.

Keep hydrated.

Be careful with the opening, it is actually like a syrup bottle, no stopper, you might spill the entire product, if you are clumsy.

Have you used this product? What are your thoughts?


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