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I love reading and replying to comments that is why to encourage you gals (guys, if there’s any) I will start my commenter/reader of the month giveaway. I’ve seen this being done in other blogs and readers responded very well. Some of them said that they do not like the Rafflecopter giveaway as some of the “Lucky” picks are not actually readers (true that!).

So without further ado.

*drum rolls*

Each month I will pick a lucky reader and will give one item, it could be makeup, skin care, and others. And I will ask the reader to do either First Impression or Full Review of the product I sent.

All you have to do is to be a regular reader/commenter.

Photograph of the reader (optional) and her (his) copyrighted product shot will be present as well.

I want the product to still be reviewed so that we will all have an idea how the products looks, smells, and etc. 

Sounds good? You will receive an exciting item and you will get a chance to speak your mind.

If I can gather (someone sends gift to me) more items I can add to the prizes and can do this more often.

For the meantime I will try to buy items that I think will be interesting for us and share the items I get from my mailbox. (So companies out there start sending me one LOL let’s spread the love [and your brand])

I love you all!!! *Virtual hugs & Kisses*


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