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It is Manila Day today! I miss being a student where I don’t have classes because of this celebration.

Today I am sharing some tips on brush storage and how to dry them. If you will remember my lipstick overload post you will see that I placed my lipstick in a kitchen organizer that I got from Daiso.

I found keeping brushes inside a pouch inconvenient simply because I toss and turn all of them before I could get the right one.

Here’s my solution…


Spoon holders. I got this from Daiso for only P88


The size is perfect for standard size brushes.


It has a clear lid too, making you see what’s inside while protecting it from dust. I purchased two pieces so I can segregate face brushes from eye brushes.

I personally prefer plain looking things most of the time as it adapts to my room decorations more.

As for my improvised dryer…


I noticed that if I placed my newly bathe brushes on a towel it develops an unpleasant smell. It smells like a clothe that was not dried under the sun. And I feel bacterias were developed.


With this tray, the air will circulate properly and it will dry faster. I can lay down brushes as well as sponges .

It has another tray at the bottom to catch drippings. This is also P88 from Daiso.

See if you are resourceful you can turn kitchen accessories into your own brushes organizer. They are very affordable too.

What can you say about this idea? Let me know if you will try it.

Happy Monday folks!


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