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It isn’t every day that you hear the wedding bells chime and you’re the one in the gorgeous white gown walking down the altar. Every woman dreams of their own special day and having a wedding by the beach is growing in trends that have couples jumping on the bandwagon to get hitched with this setup in mind.

How to make your wedding sparkle?

Two piece wedding gowns

Heavy and puffy dresses aren’t really suitable to wear at the beach, especially if it’s your special day, which is why this angelic lace two-piece wedding gown is sweeping girls off their feet.

Add beautiful strobing to your makeup look

Makeup and everything else has to be on point and with the new contouring called strobing to get that perfect goddess-like glow, you can’t go wrong to look absolutely beautiful when the natural light shines to highlight your makeup.


Flat summer sandals for weddings

When by the beach, wear comfort and dazzle in style, these jeweled Swarovski sandals by ROCCAPINA are flattering and are the perfect choice of footwear for that graceful ascend down the altar that will have everyone in awe.

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Faye Martinez is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves to write about beauty and fashion related topics. She also works as a freelance blogger and contributor for ROCCAPINA, a designer sandal brand that creates handcrafted, understated elegance paired with subtle sparkle.

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