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Starting a makeup kit is one of the few articles I made when I started this blog. Depending on the trend and your age the essentials will differ from person to person.

If you ask me my essentials now would be sunscreen, eyebrow product, lip & cheek tint, and a highlighter.

I came across this Sunnies Face starter kit when I bought five pieces of fluffmatte for my friend in Sydney. I saw it on their shelves and when I asked what is inside it has the essentials – eyebrow pencil, eyebrow mascara, highlighter stick, and matte lipstick.

Life Starter Kit_Sunnies Face

What is inside?

The Sunnies Face Starter kit price is PHP 1,495. You will get the following:

  • Fluffmatte in girl crush
  • Glowboss in hey girl
  • Lifebrow skinny pencil in warm brown
  • Lifebrow grooming gel in warm brown

Let’s talk about each one of them

Sunnies Face Lifebrow Kit in warm brown

Life Brow_Sunnies Face

I must admit, I am disappointed how small they are for the price. The packaging is pretty straight forward, yes, it is a brow product. I stalled using it as I still have other brow products to try but when I finally gave a try. It became a staple!

Life Brow_Sunnies Face

The lifebrow skinny pencil comes with a spooly on the other side. It is pigmented and long lasting. The pigment gives you a natural brow finish, not the drawn type of brows.

sunnies face

However, I thought the product is in the longer part of the tube but it was the wand. Another disappointment but the formula compensated it, making this product small but terrific.

Sunnies Face Glowboss in hey girl

Glow Boss_Hey Girl_Sunnies Face

This Glowboss is the reason why I bought this kit – I love highlighters, especially stick/cream formula. It glides smoothly, the glitters aren’t chunky, BUT it does not have the wow highlight moment on the first swipe.

In addition, to give this highlighter stick a “wow” factor, you may set it with a powder highlighter.

Sunnies Face Fluffmatte in Girl Crush

Girl Crush_Fluffmatte_Sunnies Face

It is one of the few matte lipsticks I have tried that does not feel heavy on the lips. The pigmentation and staying power (4-6 hours) are impressive. The transfer to cups and other drinking bottles is minimal too.

My only comment would be the packaging looks flimsy (Aido Lipstick) if you are familiar.

They also mentioned that you can use this as blush stick too.


I love how Sunnies Face packaged a makeup starter kit for makeup beginners or enthusiast. It’s like you are getting the product below PHP 400 each.

The quality of the pouch is excellent – waterproof, classy, and spacious. I wish that Sunnies Face will allow the customers to customise the shades that you can get.

I ended up buying another Fluffmatte because I prefer the other colour versus Girl Crush.

You will still need to add a concealer or a mascara to complete your beginner’s make up kit.

Will you give this a try?

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