Storms to Bring the ‘Smartie Pants’ Software-As-A-Service Solution to Mobile Game Developers Globally and Help Boost Their Advertising eCPM by Up to 87%

  • An early tester of the solution, Storms saw an increase of 56% in its "Zombeast" mobile game’s ARPDAU[1], within days after adopting the Smartie Pants solution.
  • Eligible mobile game developers can claim their free trials at

SINGAPORE, May 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Singapore-based gaming startup Storms today announced its strategic partnership with Smartie Pants to bring the "Smartie Pants" ad revenue management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to mobile game developers around the world.

Smartie Pants is an AI-powered solution that allows mobile game developers to increase their eCPM[2] by up to 87% by enabling automated waterfall and bidding optimisation using machine learning algorithms.


The partnership between Storms and Smartie Pants will see the former steering the commercialisation of the Smartie Pants solution globally, while the latter will remain committed to bringing new improvements to the solution, as well as managing customer success and expanding the solution compatibility with more ad mediation[3] tools.

Benjamin Pommeraud, Chief Growth Officer at Storms, said, "Storms is also a game publisher. We know that mobile game developers focus first on delivering quality games and why dedicating resources to manage ad revenues is not a priority. We are excited to partner with Smartie Pants to help mobile game developers around the world unlock the full potential of their games with this innovative solution, powered by our gaming expertise and vast industry network."

Launch after Two Years of Extensive Testing

Smartie Pants has been tested extensively and proven to increase the ARPDAU of high-volume hit games such as Halfbrick Studios’ Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, as well as PikPok’s Into The Dead 2 and Rival Stars Horse Racing by 40% on average.

Boyana Nikolova, Head of Smartie Pants, commented, "We only decided to launch Smartie Pants when we were 100% sure that it was ready to add value to mobile game developers. Now that Apple’s iOS 14 is a new reality, we envision to be the enabler that helps developers to be more prudent by providing them with the necessary technology to remain competitive."

Boyana added, "As an early tester of the solution, the Storms team is well-versed with the key propositions of Smartie Pants. Coupled with our proven track record, we are ready to help developers realise the full potential of their ad inventory with Smartie Pants."

Halfbrick Studios is among the game developers that have seen the positive impacts of Smartie Pants. Speaking from his team’s own experience, Shainiel Deo, CEO, Halfbrick Studios, shared, "Smartie Pants has allowed us to increase the ARPDAU of our games by 40% within days upon adopting the solution. The solution doesn’t require any integration process – it simply runs on top of the ad mediation platform. Once activated, it manages our full inventory and revenues increase."

The first 50 game developers with live games that have already generated a monthly revenue of US$10,000 and above will be able to claim their free trials at

[1] Average Revenue Per Daily Active User (ARPDAU) refers to the amount of revenue that one’s active users contribute to one’s mobile game every day.

[2] Effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM) is the revenue that one earns per 1,000 impressions.

[3] Ad mediation is a platform that app developers use to connect multiple ad networks (i.e., providers of ad space) to their app.

About Storms

Storms is a Singapore-based gaming startup invested in by Singtel, AIS, SK Telecom and EDB New Ventures, with a focus on strategic initiatives ranging from social instant-play games to hyper-casual mobile games publishing.

Storms is led by exceptional leaders and tech-gaming veterans who are passionate about building an inclusive gaming ecosystem where players around the world can be entertained and connected through quality gaming content, powered by our social instant gaming platforms and distribution partners.

For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

About Smartie Pants

Smartie Pants is an ad revenue management software-as-a-service solution that has been trusted by the world’s leading studios including Halfbrick Studios and PikPok.

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