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It’s been a long time since I write a food post as I don’t cook that often in our apartment. I don’t even bring a camera whenever I dine out. I realize I eat more convenient store fried chicken often than real food.

Anyway, yesterday I took a work off and decided to prepare a snack for us. These kind of food are considered ‘street’ food where you will find it in carts along the alleys. What make it special is the sauces – sweet, spicy, and seasoned vinegar.

Although we cannot copy the signature taste of those sauces, some said we should incorporate germs in them to copy the taste. *laughs*

What we did in this version was to mix chop chili, onion, vinegar, sweet chili sauce, and sugar; the taste was pretty close, I tell you.

Get the Frabelle sweet chili sauce for this! it’s the most commercially available sweet chili sauce for me.

I really enjoy snacks like these. Maybe next time we’ll copy the grilled intestines or inihaw na isaw ng manok at baboy. This calls for a neighborhood business, by the way.

Gonna grab my dinner now.


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