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I noticed that men’s wardrobe could be boring. They can only change the colors, but the staples will remain the same. It can be weird because when they overdress they end up using a skirt and when they are lazy, they seem to put pants when they get out of the bed.

When I talked to my grooms most of the time they asks me, what’s a good alternative for black suits. They are bored wearing the same old ensembles every groom has worn. To help more people I come up with samples and some tips to help you decide.

The Ensembles




Pastel colors look good on any complexion and these kind of suits make you find the groom, isn’t it? You don’t have to wear pastel if you don’t want to, you may choose a color palette that will coördinate well with your chosen motif.

Sometimes you can play with the neckties, below are some ties that caught my attention. They are printed and can make your plain shirt look amazing.


Paul Fredrick_Tie_Blue

Paul Fredrick_Tie_Damask

Paul Fredrick_Tie_Gray

Paul Fredrick_Tie_pink

After which you may get a nice pair shoes and watch to complete the look. See? I am not talking about a wedding in particular, these ensembles are perfect for other formal events.

Should you want to drop the cost you can brighten up your look wearing a colored dress shirt like this.


Paul Fredrick_Dress Shirt_Mint

Paul Fredrick_Dress Shirt_Teal

I am pretty sure your guy will look extra handsome wearing these.

Special thanks to Paul Fredrick for letting me borrow these wonderful images.

Me and my boyfriend will attend a wedding this weekend I am excited to dress up with him.

Happy Monday ladies (and gents).



Paul Fredrick has been in the business for 25 years. They specialized in dress shirt and eventually grew their collection. They have almost 89 unique styles to choose from and every day they offer great deals that will surely give you 100% satisfaction.

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