Summer Calling at Mod Lei Haul + Experience

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Remember my previous post where I said I am going to hoard V&M Products well I did. *laughs*

Though I don’t have any other reason to go to Manila I still went to Mod Lei to check out the sale items.

The salon opened at 10 am and I saw in their instagram that they were customers who already registered and I was worried that I can no longer see the products that I will buy. Actually I don’t have a physical list I only browsed their Facebook and eyed some products.

So I arrived 12:30 pm and immediately Jaime greeted me. I always post links in their Facebook Page and exchange tweets with them and I am very flattered when she recognized me (at least I know I don’t look different from my profile pictures LOL)

Justin showed me the natural routine letting me know what products to add on my shopping basket.

Since I was not in a hurry I took my time to loiter the area and checked the displayed products.

Their mineral makeup line of course.

Products with Emu Oil, their flagship product. (I will discuss Emu Oil in a separate post)

Hair Products, still with Emu Oil.

Body scrubs and Salts


and more soaps…

The display rack was almost empty when I arrived. Some products were sold out already.

V & M has wide variety of soaps that target specific skin concern. From acne treatment, whitening, detoxification, and more they have it. I was told that I can change soap every two weeks so that it will take effect.

and then my purchase…


From Left to Right: Emu Oil, Keep Safe Sunblock SPF 45, Bikini Bomb, On Coal 24/7, Haut Dreams Perfume, and mineral e/s in Pure Pearl & Satin (Plus Under Armoured which is not in the photo because it was sold out, they will ship it on Friday)

I know it’s not a super hoard haul but I said to myself that I will only get items that I don’t have yet and I can easily put on queue for review. (Budget purposes also :p)

After my purchase I stayed a little more and watch Jaime do the makeover for the lucky shoppers.

All shoppers, if they have enough time, can have a make over and a 15-minute leg massage. Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to avail mine. Maybe I was forgotten or I was the who forgot to ask. hihi

Finally, before I left Mod Lei I asked Justin and Jaime for Photo-Op.

From Left – Right: Ms. Justin Tan, Yours truly, and Ms, Jaime Tan

What’s the best thing about me hoarding V & M products??

I got to try new products and found new friends (Jaime & Justin, I am now your online buddy, I am claiming it hihihi). I love the the two of them because they very hands on, bubbly, and friendly. They treat their customers really well.

I am hoping to nurture a good relationship with you two because I will be buying your products every time I ran out of course!!!

So to all my readers, watch out for the individual reviews of the products that I got and hopefully I could let you try some of them too,

Btw, I joined their Mod Lei Facebook Promo I am praying to win so I could feature Mod Lei services as well.

Happy Monday ladies (and gents)


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