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So I was scanning my IG and I noticed @bikinipleasures followed me and I scrolled their profile. I see super fashionable items that I wanted to try. I rather kept them for a year than being sorry not having them. Even though I don’t have a 36-24-36 body I still want to wear a pretty bathing suit.

It is only in the Philippines when we over react if a not so beautiful body is wearing a swimwear well in fact wearing t-shirts, denim shorts, are more… uhmmm. ridiculous? I don’t mean to be mean but if we are going to swim let’s use the proper attire.

Anyhow on to my new lovely pair of swim wears.

The first one is the Pink Leopard

Free Size | Php490.00

High waist bikini bottom and leopard top. It was not totally pink as I expected it was more of a tomato red for me. The leopard top pulled the whole look.

I super like the gold button detail.


It has a black lining inside.

Although it is free size the fabric is not that stretchy. I would guess that this would perfectly for girls who has a small to medium frame.

The bottom fits me, it’s not really tight but since I have a big butt I look like I am wearing a diaper. I don’t blame the piece, I blame myself for eating too much carbs. LOL

As for the top,



I like how it comes with a padding. It will create a shape for our breast, it will not be scattered all over the place. If you know what I am talking about.

But I might remove the padding because it doesn’t look like real to me. haha Can you imagine a papaya with rounded bottom? That looks ugly right? Open-mouthed smile

Going to my second pair, Mimi


Free Size | Php500.00

I am a die hard fan of polka dots & ribbons (ruffles, laces, and the like) and purple. Isn’t it obvious that I am in love with anything violet/lilac/purple/lavender whatever shade is.


Ooh I love that purple top so much. I have a string bikini that will match this top perfectly.

Like I said I need to flatten my tummy before I can wear the high waist bottom.


And the ribbon is gorgeous. I like this pair more if I am feeling girly.

I cannot wait to sport this swimwear even if it’s rainy season already. There are resorts with indoor swimming pools out there.

Overall, if you are going to swim like Olympics swimming or going to Ace water spa I wouldn’t suggest this pair, wear one piece good old pair instead.

I would recommend this at the beach where you can just dip into the water, walk through the sand, drink your coconut juice, and have fun with friends.

I would also recommend this to mommas out there who were afraid to wear two piece bikini again because of their tiger stripes (stretch marks). The high waist bikini can hide 80% of your tummy.

As for me, I would pair this with a nice sunglasses, wide brim hat, and a flip flops.


I will prepare myself to have a beach body…. next summer…. that will happen if… I will start being healthy.

But ladies, no matter size we are it doesn’t matter. What matters most is our heart, you could have the most gorgeous, head turning body, in the world… but if your heart is ugly that is meaningless…

Love yourself ladies,


P.S. If you want to check out Bikini Pleasures here are their Facebook and their IG account is @bikinipleasures And oh let me know if you want to see fashion related post here.

*not a sponsored post*

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