Summer Makeup Hoard Giveaway Winners


I almost forgot to draw the winners I am sure you are all excited. So let’s do this quick alright?

1st Prize Winner – Debbie Jane De Dios

1st prize

2nd Prize Winner – Nicole Ann Vallodolid

New Winner - 2nd Prize

3rd Prize Winner – Gie Cruz

3rd Prize

Again congratulations to the winners. Please email or PM your shipping addresses to I am going to ship the items all at once so be sure to acknowledge your winnings in 24 hours.

The items are still with BCK, owner Ms. Kim said she’ll ship the items to me so I will keep all posted regarding this.

Rest assured that this won’t be long. Winking smile

Keep posted about the upcoming giveaways in the future okay?

Thank you all for joining and congratulations!


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