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I am not really picky when it comes to bath products. Sometimes I buy it because of the packaging, the price, the scent, and the like. I like buying in bulk and even took advantage in some promos to cut my trip to the grocery,

This is the reason I patronize in-house Watsons products – I save tons of money.

I use their body scrub, body lotion, tissue, cotton, almost everything. You will see that in my haul posts.

Today I will be sharing my shampoo for the last four months. It’s the Watsons Soothing Treatment Shampoo.

Php189 • Buy 1 Take 1 • 400 ml • Watsons / SM Department Stores



I am pretty sure that each variant has a different description at the back.

From the Outside

It come in a colored plastic pump bottle. Depending on the variant the color changes.


I adore pump bottles. It makes the product dispense appropriately and properly. I don’t have to lift it and accidentally drop it on the bathroom floor, have it broken and the shampoo all over the tiles. (I am that clumsy, haha)

The description is printed on stickers containing all the information you need to know – Usage, Ingredients, manufacturing date, expiration date, the bar code, etc.

From the inside

Just like other shampoo it’s white and creamy. I’ve tried three variants already.




One thing they have in common they aim to strengthens the hair & moisturize the hair and scalp

I love the smell, it smell really clean and it lasts the whole day.

Soothing treatment shampoo in yoghurt smells like the smooth & manageable variant of Sunsilk, the pink one.

Revitalizing treatment shampoo in milk smells like a baby powder. It’s my personal favorite because I feel my hair is super clean.

Repairing treatment shampoo in honey doesn’t smell like honey but a herbal shampoo. I cannot recognize the smell but it’s nice.

For my hair I use 4 – 5 pumps and sometimes I repeat the process. If my hair is really dirty like I haven’t wash it for a day or I pile too many products it’s hard to create a lather.

It’s easy to rinse too. My hair smells and feels clean afterwards.

If I am lazy I would skip conditioner and my hair will still be manageable. I don’t find it hard to style it using a wide toothed comb.

The Thumbs Up

  • Affordable
  • Wide Selection of variants
  • Could last up to two months
  • can be used without conditioner
  • The pump bottle is really convenient
  • No excessive fall out
  • Easy to rinse
  • The Thumbs Down
  • It doesn’t comes with a partner conditioner unlike the previous Watson Shampoos.



  • Use a wide toothed comb when detangling the hair
  • Air dry it first
  • Best with conditioner, any brand would do


Wrap Up

I do not see my self replacing this shampoo until I saw another one. My entire family is using this and since we are living a little far from malls the size is perfect to cut down my trip to groceries if I need to replenish. It saves my money too, I could get a coffee with my Php189.  I just wish they will launch a complete line of hair treatment so I don’t have to use other brand for my treatment and conditioner. Even for styling products, I would appreciate if Watsons will have mousse or hair spray, with the same deal of course.

I am a such a fan of SWITCH & SAVE. I will show you my other buys next time.

What is your shampoo? Are you particular using a same brand when it comes to them? (shampoo and conditioner)



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