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Suesh and Hair Haul

I’ve invested on beauty tools now and below are my latest addition to the family. Let’s start with the hair…     I remember my first thing I bought from my salary was the Dowell blow dryer and I found it too small now. Since I spend most my time …
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Sigma’s 3DHD™ Kabuki and Precision Brushes

Introducing the new  3DHD™ Kabuki and Precision brushes from Sigma. I saw this in my email the other day and I can’t help but to admire them. Why? This 3DHD™ Kabuki and 3DHD™ Precision are multi functional brushes engineered to perfection. The Kabuki was uniquely designed for all areas of the …

Beauty Cosmetics Face Perfection Kit

Last month I bought these brushes even though it’s not purple I still bought it. The name of the brushes caught me and as much as possible I want to apply makeup with brushes. It’s called the Face Precision Brushes and Face Perfection Brushes. It’s like a mother and daughter …
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How I clean my makeup brushes?

I posted a photo on Instagram/Facebook and I received various comments on how I clean my brushes so I am sharing it now. I am obsessed cleaning them because I had breakouts when I use them repeatedly without cleaning. Since then I see to it that after using them, especially …
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DISHY Spotted: Sephora Starter Kit Set

Hello everyone! Just a quick post tonight I am strolling at Trinoma now and I saw these brushes. It is placed together with Artist Brush Studio Brushes in Landmark and costs Php309.75. I wonder if other Sephora goodies will be imported here. Alright, I got to go to have some …
Haul & Shops


For those who will do shopping on Black Friday you might want to avail Sigma’s promo.  Just use the coupon code above and get free shipping. Click the photo to be redirected. SAMMY x