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Bullet Journal Page Ideas (2018)

If you already read my recent post about my 2018 planners/journals one of my notebooks is dedicated to Bullet Journaling. I separated my Bujo from my daily to-do/meeting notes as it is too artsy for meetings (and bulky too). I love bullet journal because it is flexible and you can really unleash …
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2018 Journals / Notebooks

I love planners and notebooks. I think until now I have a box full of unused notebooks from event giveaways. And even if I have a lot, I still buy especially if it is way too cute. Last year, my BDJ planner got soaked in water. I had no choice …
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August Bullet Journal Roundabout (2017)

What is a Bullet Journal? Bullet Journal is an organization system where you personalized, customized how you do the layouts, checklist, dates, entries, and more. Developed by Ryder Caroll, I started my bullet journal because my planner for 2017, the Belle de Jour planner got soaked in water. I have …