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EB Advance Perfect Eye Concealer Smooth Formula

I am into contouring using creams and liquids lately. I’ve seen many makeup gurus use this technique because it gives a more natural definition compare to powder. But since I do not want to spend a lot on foundations for practicing I searched beauty counters that can deliver the same …
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The Faceshop Phytogenic Combo

I am a little industrious to auto post entries because my brother is not using our laptop. After four months of using this product this has been my ultimate favorite. I am talking about the Phytogenic Two Way Foundation and Dual Concealer from The Faceshop. I am hitting the pan …
Beauty & Style

Top 10 Kikay Kit Essentials

Building your makeup empire? This for you. As promised (I made a twitter promise to my reader Hannah and Nicole :-*) I will write an article about makeup essentials for those who are starting their makeup kits. Most of us wants to have makeup but going to department stores and …