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Endless Lines

Hey guys! I recently went to a thrift shop in Calamba and I found these classic pieces which I found indeed fashionable. I wore this for a meeting last Friday (24th July). Most of the time, cropped top is not suitable for curvy women like me, but if you paired …
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OOTD | Ped Xing

It is very rare that I post OOTD entries. It’s because I don’t have a Jericho Rosales to take Kim Jones photos of me. Kidding aside, today’s OOTD is about our ensemble for the wedding we attended the last weekend. My best friend christened the name ‘Ped Xing’ because we …
Beauty & Style

Random Fashion Pegs

I am browsing the web again to find inspiration to at least update the way I dress up. Korean and Japanese fashion is very popular nowadays and I think the way they dress spice up any occasion. Most of these clothes are not available in the local store that is …