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Cheap Thrills: Juansilog

Here’s another cheap thrills find in the course of surviving in a central business district. LOL This is called JUANSILOG. juan means the Filipinos. Si which stands for Sinangag or Fried Rice Log which means itlog or eggs SILOGS are very popular in the country, it is one of the …
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If you can remember my blog experienced photo uploading process late December to early January. I have a lot of back log post then and there are post that was forgotten to be uploaded. I am talking about the W1N International Launching I attended last December 15, 2012 (So yesterday …
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Dinner Date: Mann Hann

Gluttony strikes again for me and bf as we dined Chinese last Friday. I was eyeing for another Japanese but he said I just had Jap for lunch. So we ate the following… 1. Fish Ball Soup The fish balls just melt in your mouth and you can taste the …