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FOTD x Giveaway | Color me Green

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. Just a quick Face of the Day post and a giveaway for you guys. It’s rainy season already and it’s very gloomy outside, it’s nice to add a …

Summer Giveaway Winners

GOOD MORNING MONDAY! I was busy last weekend that is why I was late in posting the winners. Thank you everyone for joining and I hope you’ll enjoy your prizes. xoxo SAMMY

Giveaway Winners | BDJ and TMART

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today I am back to work. I’ve reinvented my work time by getting back to my old systematic self now that the event is four months away I need to set my priorities. This beauty blog will always be my baby that is why no matter what …

#Jumpstart2014 Giveaway

Where I was yesterday? Read {here} I have another giveaway for you!!! Many of us blogger is giving this away which means you will have more chance of winning if you really want to have this. I tried to  upload this giveaway but the internet connection is crazy so here. …

Rainy Madness Collab Giveaway

I apologize for posting this hours behind. Thanks to my asthma I find it hard to breathe and I forgot to insert my phone’s IP address for me to access my blog at home last night. Anyhow on to the giveaway, this is something special because I collaborated with bloggers …
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Back to School Giveaway

  Hey there guys happy first Monday of the month, Can you believe that we are all in the second quarter of the year. We all thought that the world will end last December 21st Thankfully it did not. Like what I promised from the previous giveaway I will have …

Summer Makeup Hoard Giveaway Winners

I almost forgot to draw the winners I am sure you are all excited. So let’s do this quick alright? 1st Prize Winner – Debbie Jane De Dios 2nd Prize Winner – Nicole Ann Vallodolid 3rd Prize Winner – Gie Cruz Again congratulations to the winners. Please email or PM …