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Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

 I thought I moved on in collecting lip balms and I said passed to this one several times. But when I saw it together with the Cheeky Blush my hands didn’t stop and I grabbed it. LOL Same shopping scenario when you find yourself buying unnecessary stuff. So I note to …
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EOS Lip Balm

I was really curious about this lip balm ever since it came out of the market but I skipped getting it since I had tons of lip balm. When I saw this again in Sasa I cannot resist it anymore and I immediately placed it in my basket. Unlike regular …
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Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips-talk

Price: Php478.00 | Etude House Boutique & Kiosk in leading malls I am very excited to post another lipstick after such a long time. I also filmed my lip product collection, weeee This is the Dear My Jelly Lips-talk from Etude House. Actually it is not really a lipstick, it …
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This Valentine’s Day

In three weeks cupid will be flying around to point his arrow and make people fall in love. Though expressing love should not be during the heart’s day alone this is also the time of the year to be a little more romantic (and kinky). I got this naughty set …

REVIEW | Lip Care Kit from Eden Fantasys

I got excited when my package from Eden Fantasys finally arrived. I asked my former boss to have it shipped in his San Francisco office so that the shipping fee is lesser. It comes in a transparent plastic pouch full of brown and pink confetti (which I like) and the …

New Lip Buddies from Eden Fantasy’s

“The unknown resides opposite the strict plant.” Review within the day. Promise! I am just super busy ladies. I am just letting you all know that I am alive and kicking. hahaha Thanks. SAMMY x
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Dainty Makeups at Eden Fantasys

I am having a hard time now on my website because my Disk Space is 99% full. The technical support is taking so long to respond to my upgrade inquiry because I really do not want to delete my post and besides this site is only two months old. *sighs* …