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Miss Beauty Lipstick

Saturday This is going to be a quick lipstick post. I recently received this lipstick from our giveaway supplier and again she knows that I love purple so much. At first I thought it was just a cellphone charm or a keychain but it was not. It’s really small 2 …
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Hacks for Dark Lips

I get excited whenever I get questions and I really want to give answers. Aside from questions I get from the comments section of my blog, friends send me instant messages and ask away. I always wanted to talk and explain (argue sometimes) Here’s one question I got from Ms. …
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Anatomy of Beauty – Lips

The Anatomy of Beauty series came from the Lifestyle Network. Every time it will be shown I immediately jot them down. I am happy to share it with you. Did you list them down too? Let’s start with the LIPS. To have fabulous lips…. Use Sun Protection. If your lips …