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Cheap Thrills: Juansilog

Here’s another cheap thrills find in the course of surviving in a central business district. LOL This is called JUANSILOG. juan means the Filipinos. Si which stands for Sinangag or Fried Rice Log which means itlog or eggs SILOGS are very popular in the country, it is one of the …
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Lunch Meeting: Italiannis

  Last Friday I went to Makati to meet the bosses. We were supposed to head to SMX for the contract signing but they saw some discrepancy so we rescheduled it. We discussed other details instead. My bosses work for food. We arrived late around 11:45 am after some introduction …
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Bundaberg Sarsa Parilla & Blood Orange

Hello Monday, I just posted a giveaway this morning back to regular blogging. I just tasted these two drinks and I am wondering where to buy it as it is so refreshing and delicious. The one the left is the Bundaberg Blood Orange the name itself is so exotic I …